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In the world we live in today, most things have more than one approach to getting results; some simple, others complex. Sometimes we spend time, energy and money in trying to achieve something that may well be achieved using another available approach. The moment we realize the efforts that could have been saved, we usually feel frustrated and tired. With the introduction of CodeIgniter development, developers around the world felt as though a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulders. Unlike the popular belief that was out there when CodeIgniter development was invented, CodeIgniter is not a substitute for PHP. Using CodeIgniter development does not necessarily translate that one would have to push PHP aside.


To be honest, even the experts at Netofficials would have to agree that PHP is one of the best (if not the best) server-side language that caters for the developer needs. In order not to digress, lets save the PHP topic for some other time. CodeIgniter is a PHP-driven framework that contains a wide range of resources that includes plugins. It is able to carry on the complex functions for which PHP is generally known for. At Netofficials, we have multi-talented professionals that are qualified in the use of CodeIgniter development for developing websites. From a professional point of view, CodeIgniter development has certain benefits that every developer would want to harness.


Coding made super easy

One of the benefits of using CodeIgniter development is that it effectively allows for easy, user-friendly coding in PHP. As a developer, one would immediately understand that the coding process of languages is one of the major setbacks of many frameworks. With CodeIgniter development, coding difficulty is a far gone memory.
Helps in understanding PHP


We earlier stated the CodeIgniter development is a PHP-driven framework. As one continues to code with CodeIgniter, one actually gets to understand more about PHP. CodeIgniter development is one of the basic training a beginner developer is advised to undergo.


An open source program

Codeigniter is regarded as an open source program and as such has the associated benefits of an open source. This means it is simple to configure for one’s use. Another interesting benefit is that it can be customized to suit the website the way the owner wants it to be. It is built on an easy-to-use, linear folder structure that allows for files to be arranged on it without experiencing the cumbersomeness associated with some of the other programming frameworks.

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