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Undoubtedly, Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal have stood as worthy competitors for quite some time. Every one of them has their strengths and weakness and has several programmer preferences. Even if one is not a fan of Drupal development in developing websites, one cannot take away the fact that Drupal development is tops the list of them all when it comes to open-source content management. Drupal development allows for an effectively configured site with optimum performance and scale. For this selfsame reason, many web developers usually decide to put up with its idiosyncrasies (we admit it those have them).


Unlike the simplicity (to an extent) of using WordPress, Drupal development is not for the faint of heart. One of the things the creators of Drupal should look into is in making some things less complicated. The modules used for Drupal development is by far more simple and repetitive than the modules and plugins of Joomla. As earlier stated, using Drupal development for building a site is for the professionals who know exactly what they are doing. If one is not learned in web developing, it’s advisable to shy away from Drupal. There are some modules that exist to assist the determined minds for core installation so as to make the content management much easier. The professionals at Netofficials are always ready to assist you with those modules.


The Acquia Drupal is a free packaged installation that usually comes with a whole lot of modules that the conventional Drupal does not provide. CCK (Content Construction Kit) is one of the recommended modules for Drupal development. The module allows you to add additional fields to existing content types. If for example the site is in need for a blog, this module is your best bet to giving your website a new content type.


Another module worthy of mention is the Trigger. It is a core module that is usually added by default. Many Drupal development professionals often ignore the benefits of this module. The module comes with its own set of actions but allows for the developer to create their own actions. For websites that are seeking to direct users to specific pages on the site after such user probably registers an account, Trigger is your sure bet for achieving such success.


There are definitely a lot of setbacks many developers can name when doing Drupal development but the fact cannot be erased that Drupal has one of the best modules attached to its system. Learning how to utilize Drupal development for website developing is something the experts at Netofficials recommends every developer out there should try to master.

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