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User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design is often neglected in online business web and application design. It is hard to judge how good a UI/UX designer is even looking at a portfolio of work, and many designers are not involved with the development of applications. This causes lots of applications and websites not meeting the needs of the customers or of the businesses they represent. These factors lead to a poor user experience and loss of profit.


There is a difference between application developers and designers. Developers may have plenty of development experience, but only limited information about the design process. This separation of knowledge can lead to poor consumer experiences which result in frustration for everyone. To alleviate the problem, hiring a firm that has a proven track record of building applications or websites and keeping their customers happy and satisfied should be your goal.


The Essentials

Although each website or application is unique, most of them contain common features. How they look and even how they operate may be different, but the basic concepts remain the same:


Web forms

Online forms are important to web applications, but balancing the need for information with the fact that no one likes filling them out is essential to making your site or application effective and user-friendly. Your goal should be the minimization of frustration by providing tools to help fill out forms quickly and simply. Using default wizards and progressive disclosure techniques will help your customers stride through the forms without giving up.


Master-detail views

This technique shows data in separate but related views. One will list the items, for example, while the second presents details on the selected one. This can be designed for multiple- or single-page use



Dashboards have become the hottest application function on the web. They show the relevant information needed to make decisions or take actions. They enable the user to get information and take action without having to explore the application searching for the correct information.


Table usage

Data needs to be easily sort able and accessible and tables are the easiest way to do this. Effective tables, though, need to be easily read and the information displayed clearly and concisely. A confusing table is worse than not having one at all. Making the tables interactive is possible and in certain situations an optimal solution.



It is almost impossible to get away from reports, no matter what business you are in. Having easily read reports that translate well from ons creen to printed paper is very important. To get the most from a UI/UX design, you need to know that the designer and developer are on the same page and working from the same script. Avoiding customer and user frustration is an integral part of the process and finding a design company that has a strong UI/UX design team is important. We have an online development and design team with a proven track record of creating optimized applications in the online retail field.

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