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Apple introduced iOS7, the latest version of the iPhone and iPad OS, in September icon-ios72013, and it almost broke the internet. Millions of people were attempting to download the update at the same time, and internet bandwidth across the globe spiked and it was all directed at the Apple servers located in Cupertino. The fastest upgrade from previous Apple operating systems to the iOS7 is not the only record that this update set. The iOS7 will also be always remembered for ditching the familiar user interface of iPhones and completely reinventing the user experience for iPhone users all over the world.


Take advantage of the latest features that Apple devices now offer

The inclusion of a quad core processor in the iPhone 5S helps the applications to run in a much better way. The minimal design of the iOS7 also indicates a shift in the way future apps will be designed for the iOS7. Netofficials will create iOS 7 compatible apps for your business and ensure that these apps make use of the latest features in the iOS7 to deliver even better functionality than before.

  • Use the popularity of iOS 7 to your advantage and market your product to iOS7 users
  • Launch an iOS7 compatible app to capture the market before your competitors

Get Expert Services for iOS7 App Development

If you were planning to put updates on your existing iOS app on hold because of the new development requirements, Netofficials can help you redesign your app and make it ready for this new update. If, on the other hand, you do not have a business app for iPhones yet, Netofficials will create an app for you from scratch and build it according to your specifications. We offer rapid deployment services which will ensure that your app is ready when you want it to be. Short deadlines and challenging projects excite us, and our developers will make sure that every feature and service that you require is present in the finished app.


Using great design to an enhanced user experience

Netofficials has the expertise in iOS 7 Development that you need to distinguish your business’s iPhone app from those of your competitors. Since the launch of the iOS7 and the announcement of the new design guidelines, we have already worked with over a dozen iOS 7 development projects.

  • A highly experienced UI/UX design team
  • Expert iOS7 App development professionals
  • The best bug-testing and error detection methodologies

Get fast and cost effective services for iOS7 app development at Netofficials where we make sure that you always get the best design and development services for Apple products.

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