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Tablets have become very popular today and millions of people use them in place of laptops for browsing internet, playing games, watching movies, and listening to music. They pack enough processing power and battery backup to last seven to eight hours and with the updates in graphic engines that the newer generation devices are seeing, tablets now have the ability to render 3D graphics and display videos in mind blowing high definition quality. iPad is the most popular tablet today and being an Apple product, it provides world class features and services.


Steps Involved in iPad App UI Design

UI needs to be simple and uncluttered. The large screen of the iPad gives designers some leeway when creating the IU, since iPad apps can afford some extra options and menus without compromising on the clean cut look of the app. iPad app IU designing constitutes of the following steps:

  • A complete analysis of all the features an app must deliver
  • Creating focus groups and performing use case studies
  • Developing a streamlined architecture for the flow of information
  • Creating an initial prototype app
  • Testing the prototype for all feature requirements and for different case scenarios
  • Integrating the backend with the GUI

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A number of changes have been made by Apple with iOS7 and not all developers are able of coping with the new guidelines. We provide iPad App UI design services for existing iPad apps which do not follow the iOS 7 guidelines and must be redesigned or else face the risk of getting evicted from the App Store. Netofficial works with the finest iOS developers in India and has been providing offshore IT outsourcing services since 2007. Our expertise in delivering world class products within allotted time is unparalleled and Netofficials always ensures that our clients get only the best and most cost effective services when they pick us to be their IT partners.

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