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iPad is one of the most well designed tablets in the market today. Apple has gone to great lengths to create a hardware and software masterpiece and the popularity of iPads is proof that great quality is always appreciated. With the newest model of the iPad, Apple has introduced an even more powerful processor, and completely revamped screen. The retina display that iPad devices come equipped with have a pixel density so high that it is impossible for the human eye to discern individual pixels.


Get iPad optimized websites for your business

Creating apps for the iPad is not always the best approach. There are many services that iPad users will want to use, but a native app for the device does not add any value to the user experience. A website that provides an iPad optimized version of the webpage is a good compromise, and in certain cases it is a lot better than offering users an app.


Web Apps for Apple iPad

Web apps are a great way to deploy your services in multiple platforms with the minimum effort and investment. All modern mobile and desktop browsers support web apps and the user experience is also same for all users, irrespective of the device that they use to access your services. However, just because web apps can run on all platforms, it does not mean they render the same on all devices. The iPad has a large screen and a mobile website will look stretched out on its screen. Web Apps that have been optimized for iPad will however look just like a native app.


Netofficials iPad web development services

  • Design and development services for iPad web apps
  • UI design service for iPad web apps
  • Size optimization of website to accommodate for screen difference between different models
  • Creating websites using HTML5/CSS3 so that they render properly on all websites
  • iPad web development using JQuery and SQLite

Fluid and gorgeous animation using HTML5 instead of Flash, which does not run on any Apple device

Netofficials offers the best iPad web development services in India, and our ears development experts make sure that your business gets a web app that is optimized to present your services to an iPad user in a well laid out and coherent manner. The web apps that we design are optimised to not only render properly on iPads, but also to run smoothly just like a native app.

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