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With our endless wealth of experience in Kohana development at Netofficials, we have decided to layout the basics of Kohana to beginners of programming. Kohana PHP is a framework which is an example of open source PHP software. With Kohana, developers are able to build effectively, web applications faster. If you are quite familiar with the functionality of Ruby on Rails, you should be able to grasp the concept of Kohana – they are quite similar in function. In the creation of Kohana, it was originally based on the functions of a well-documented CodeIgniter PHP framework. What makes it stand out is that it uses strict OOP standards.


Why you should use Kohana development framework

For many developers including beginners, PHP is a very simple, easy to use language and it is for this selfsame reason that it is greatly admired and used by web developers. The only problem that developers often run into when using PHP is the fact that it’s coding process are cumbersome because of its little object orientation. This is where Kohana PHP comes in to save the day for any experienced developer. The major reason why KOhana development should come to mind is because it makes your codes have a certain level of standards. This is not the software that beginners will find easy to use because it comes as a relief to expert developers who often find the coding of beginners annoying.


Features of Kohana PHP Framework

Programming frameworks tries to have a distinguishing feature that sets it apart from the others. There are quite a number of features that will attract an expert developer to using Kohana development for web building.

  • Robust ORM Engine: Before we continue any further, it would be good to explain what ORM stands for. ORM means Object relational Mapping and is a programming concept that allows your codes to access database tables as objects. The ORM in Kohana is one of the easiest to use and can be effectively used by extending the ORM class in your model.
  • MVC: Kohana development is made possible because its framework is based on MVC – making for easy coding and maintenance.
  • Fully Object Oriented: Because Kohana is fully object oriented, it automatically carries the standard of PHP. Any developer, like those in Netofficials, that can use Kohana PHP effectively will stand out amongst others in the same category.

For speed and unimaginable effectiveness in programming, using Kohana development for web building has come a long way to helping developers get a lot of programming done with great ease.

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