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PhoneGap App Development

PhoneGap is a very popular development framework that is used for creating mobile applications for multiple smartphone operating systems and platforms simultaneously. The framework was originally designed by Nitobi, but is now a part of the mobile development initiative at Adobe Systems. Adobe purchased PhoneGap and has been rapidly developing the framework to include better functionalities and offer support for the latest versions of poplar operating systems as soon as possible once they are released. Netofficials has the team and the resources in place to use PhoneGap and create mobile business solutions for you in the shortest possible time.

Netofficials is a pioneer in the mobile application industry and has a team of expert designers and developers who can work cohesively to create and deploy mobile applications in record time. For businesses that require deployment of mobile applications on multiple mobile platforms at the same time, we offer PhoneGap App Development services which allow our developers to code the applications just once and then rapidly move on to testing and optimisation phase for each individual application.


PhoneGap allows for Cross-Platform Mobile App development and support the following platforms

  • Apple iOS, including iPhone, iPad and iPod devices.
  • Google Android
  • Windows Mobile
  • Blackberry all smartphone OS versions
  • BlackBerry Playbook
  • BadawebOS
  • Symbian
  • Tizen
  • Ubuntu Touch

Using our PhoneGap Application Development facilities, you can get mobile apps for over 10 handheld platforms in the same time that it would take most development services to create just app for just one platform. Netofficials has combined the write once-deploy many approach of PhoneGap App Development with its proprietary development techniques. Our development professionals can reduce the testing and optimising time for apps created using PhoneGap App development, and yet deliver high quality apps that do not freeze, lag, or crash.

Leading trend analysis agencies have already confirmed the migration of internet users towards handheld devices. This trend is expected to continue and the speed of migration is expected to increase further as smartphones become powerful enough to run heavy apps and render 3D graphics. Netofficials provides a simple and cost effective way to give your business a native presence on some of the most popular mobile platforms in the world, and opens up exciting new possibilities for your business. You can connect with millions of smartphone users and provide them a better way of accessing your business and using your services.

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