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Netofficials is the Pioneer of Perfect Solutions

Every business venture is a new frontier. Netofficials is a proud IT pioneer that knows every customer’s needs are as unique as the features of an undiscovered land. The PHP application design industry is notorious for long-winded approaches and high costs that come from projects dragging on. There is a solution, and the solution is Netofficials, a small company with a personal touch and top-quality technological solutions for website building and PHP application development.


Netofficials can engage with customer at any stage of the technology life cycle

  • Design a new site from the ground up with files and user classes
  • Refurbish a site that is in current use, with new user and user tool classes
  • Create an operation and management plan for an existing site with simplified code
  • Apply the latest technological solutions to any stage of the technology’s life cycle

The website can only belong to the customer if the customer helps design it

Designing a website, including all aspects of the PHP application development, should only take 40% of the project’s time. The rest of the time should be spent getting to know the client and the client’s exact needs to create the best-suited results.


The creation of a website and all of its features is like building a house. The design phase is the most complicated. A satisfied home owner is one who is able to talk to the builder before and during construction.


The customer should never have to wonder how to get in touch with the designer and builder of the house, and even though the homeowner isn’t officially an architect, they are the true designer of a custom home.


Netofficials gives the customer the voice of a designer

A web design project is a business partnership. The customer can communicate online with the web design team at any time. The customer is able to direct the team in what features should be included and emphasized. Netofficials has clients in the US, Canada, the UK and Singapore and communicates closely with all of them when developing functional PHP applications.


All the essential elements of a website can be customized to the client’s needs, including

  • Story boards
  • Content planning
  • Graphic design
  • Flash intros and 3D animation
  • All aspects of coding and Java scripts.
  • Quality assurance-the client says when the job is done

It makes no sense to find the problems with a project after it is done. Every Netofficials client gest to test their new PHP process before the job is called finished. Fully-functional mock websites are operated by the client to verify that every functional aspect of the PHP Application Process completely and correctly operational. There is no substitute for success, and there is no success without satisfaction.

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