Upgrade iPhone Apps, IOS7, IOS8, iPad

Rebuilding apps interface for new device/iOS

You may already have a website and iPhone application for your business, but are your applications up to date and reflect the changes that Apple has enacted recently and which all apps in the App Store must adhere to? Not following these guidelines can get your app kicked out of the App Store and may even get you banned as a developer for some time. Repeated complaints from users who find the design of your app outdated can lead to poor ratings from these users and can even end up in the expulsion of your app from the Apple App Store. Such an event can negatively affect your business and put you in a very awkward position.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Existing iPhone App

Netofficials specialises in iOS7 iPhone and iPad Apps upgrade and our iOS development team will completely redesign your existing app to not only adhere to the latest changes in the iOS7, but also to give it a better user interface. Netofficials will guarantee that once our professionals have upgraded and redesigned your app, it will follow all App Store guidelines and will provide your customers with a better user experience.

  • An upgraded app offers a better user experience
  • Ability to integrate newest features of the iOS into your app
  • Secure your servers with the newest security updates in iOS
  • Updates lead to greater installations of your app and increases your popularity

Our Advantage

Netofficials will upgrade iPhone applications, iPad applications, iPhone applications and the developers who work with us will make sure that your slow and sluggish app transforms into a fast and gorgeous looking app that your customers will love. Upgrading iPhone and iPad apps while retaining all the functionality that your original app developers built into it is a Netofficials specialty. Netofficials will optimise and completely redesign your existing app to make it compatible with all three versions of the iPhone.

  • Communicate directly with our engineers for a better feedback loop
  • Get a product that is easily scalable
  • Get 24/7 support from all our professionals

We always use the latest tools and the most updated binaries for our development projects. Netofficials ensures that the apps we upgrade never run into any compatibility issue no matter which iOS version the user is running on his iPhone.

Discuss Your Project

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