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With Yii development for building websites, one can be rest assured that it will take care of the cumbersome coding aspect and let you worry about focusing on making your application unique. Yii is regarded by experts at Netofficials as a highly performing PHP object oriented framework. Using Yii development allows for clean separation of logic from presentation when using MVC pattern. One of the prides of using Yii development is that it has a good security function that allows for the framework to have effective use. With Yii you only need to worry yourself about the customization features you wish to use for the application. As part of our own way of contributing to the programming world, the developers at Netofficials have decided to give a short tutorial on how to install Yii.


The first thing first, we are going to assume that as a developer you are already running an Ubuntu VPS with LAMP installed. Having stated that, I believe all is set to begin this short tutorial. We are going to keep it as short as possible so that beginners can easily follow through.



Yii development program will require your VPS to have installed PHP 5.1 and above. To further confirm if you have the necessary requirements, go to requirement checker on Yii’s page. If your system meets the necessary requirement, you will have a notification that reads, “Your server configuration satisfies the minimum requirements by Yii”.



To get started you will need to lay your hands on the latest version of Yii. When this is done, you will have to focus on extracting it somewhere in your web server root. If you are currently running Apache your web root will look like this; /var/www. Copy the link of the latest version from the zip file and run it. Ensure you get the command for the latest version you are planning to install. The next step will have you running a series of command to unzip the framework.


Before we go any further, it is important we state here that this article is for a surface understanding of the process of installing and not really a detailed write up. After you have successfully unzipped the framework, you will be notified to rename the file. At this point you can give it whatever name you seem fit for easy recognition.

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